IBM Systems Workload Estimator

IBM Systems Workload Estimator 2007.2

A Web-based sizing tool for IBM Power™ Systems, System i™ and System x™
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The IBM Systems Workload Estimator is a Web-based sizing tool for IBM Power™ Systems, System i™, System p™, and System x™. You can use this tool to size a new system, to size an upgrade to an existing system, or to size a consolidation of several systems.
The Workload Estimator (WLE) allows measurement input to best reflect your current workload and provides a variety of built-in workloads to reflect your emerging application requirements. Virtualization can be used to yield a more robust solution. The Workload Estimator will provide current and growth recommendations for processor, memory, and disk that satisfy the overall client performance requirements.

Main Features :
- New Power Systems servers : The Power 750 added four more processor features. System upgrade paths have also been updated.
- New POWER7 processor-based PS blades : WLE sizing support was enhanced for the already-proven IBM BladeCenter family. WLE user options allow you to easily customize your solution form factor (blade, non-blade, or the default value of all models). You may also select a blade solution with the model dropdown on the selected system panel. Note that VIOS may be required for some configurations, especially if running IBM i.
- New System x models : WLE is enhanced with many recently announced models, workload optimized models for database and virtualization, and consideration for expanded memory. Use WLE to help determine the best model for your overall workload.
- System x virtualization : Especially for sizing consolidations, virtualization is very important to including in your sizing. Based on your workload requirements and system configuration, WLE will estimate the overall resources required for your virtualized system including head room. To enable virtualization using a hypervisor with one or more virtual machines, click on the "system" attribute on the workload configuration panel or adjust the hypervisor setting in the WLE user options. The WLE results will include both system-level and virtualized information.
- WLE solution performance improvement : In finding the recommendation, the WLE sizing algorithms solve for all orderable systems. Performance optimizations were introduced at this WLE release to decrease this solve time. Although your mileage may vary, we hope this change improved WLE performance for your sizing experience.
- Energy Estimation function : The energy estimation function has been enhanced for new models. If you haven't tried it yet, please give the "Energy Estimate" function on the Selected System panel a try! The IBM Systems Energy Estimator also runs as a stand-alone, web-based tool and has integration points with WLE, SPT, and e-config.

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